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The top model and preventive mastectomy: «I can’t afford to get sick. I come to you to hear how brave I am and that I am doing the right thing.” The diagnosis of the BRCA1 mutation: «I have a high risk of having breast cancer»

On Instagram he chose irony, posting the cover he dedicated to her Playboy in 2014, when he called her the sexiest Italian supermodel in the world: they had immortalized her naked, with her chest covered only by her hair. “An ode to my boobs that have given me a lot of satisfaction and I’m sure they will continue to do so.” Then, in her stories, she published a roundup of artistic topless, covering them with little red hearts. Almost a social greeting, to cover the anxiety. Because she Tuesday in her her newsletter Bianca Balti it made another spirit shine through: above all vulnerability. «I feel fragile. Scared from the idea of ​​having to depend on others. Terrified of the pain I will feel. Disheartened in having to give up a part of my body that has defined my femininity up to now».

The surgery in Los Angeles

On December 8 at 11, American time, the top model from Lodi will undergo a preventive double mastectomy. Months ago she was diagnosed with the BRCA1 genetic mutation, the same one that convinced the actress in 2013
Angelina Jolie to have the same invasive surgery, giving up her ovaries and fallopian tubes two years later to avoid falling ill with that tumor with which the women in her family were very familiar. Since then, in Italy there has been more talk of the so-called “Jolie genes” and even a former competitor of Big Brother, Mary Falconieri, now thirty and a mother, in 2017 said she had chosen the removal of both mammary glands , after her mother, cousin and aunt were targeted by cancer.

Oocyte cryopreservation

Bianca Balti had already exposed herself in the spring, telling of having frozen her oocytes to “release the dream of motherhood from the moods of a relationship”. She demonstrating that she wants to establish a relationship of sincerity with her followers to give voice to experiences common to many other women. She did too now. «I can’t afford to get sick as I carry, alone, the economic responsibility of everyone on my shoulders. Because I would like my girls to find in me the strength to act if one day they too are diagnosed. Because I love life too much not to do what I can to preserve it.”

Fear before surgery

But if at the beginning she felt “proud to set a date, impatient to wait”, a very human fear prevailed in her in the vicinity of the operation. Hence the appeal to those who follow her: «Now that I can no longer draw back, selfishly, I turn to you. To be told how brave I am, that I’m doing the right thing, that I inspire you. Because I’ve lost the feeling that brought me here; I lost myself in self-pity.’ Her last thought was dedicated to her daughters. «“ Mom, she’s having surgery because she loves life too much ”. So I told Mia and so I tell you. Thursday 8 December 2022, at 11 am in Los Angeles, for the umpteenth time Bianca chooses life».

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