I want to open a pizzeria in Naples, I’m looking for a location

The art of the Neapolitan pizza maker, a UNESCO heritage site

Last (perhaps) episode of the Briatore vs. Neapolitan pizza: alla Zanzara the entrepreneur says he wants to open a pizzeria in the shadow of Vesuvius.

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The art of the Neapolitan pizza maker, a UNESCO heritage site

Flavio Briatore closes the circle of the controversy on Neapolitan pizza and after 3 days of controversy both inside and outside the social networks, he announces that he wants to land in the shadow of Vesuvius with one of his premises: “I try to find a location, as soon as I find it I will open a Crazy Pizza in Naples, city that I love “. The declaration is at the ‘Mosquito‘ from Giuseppe Cruciani and David Parenzowhere the entrepreneur who a few days ago lashed out on Instagram against cheap pizza (“in those from 4-5 euros that it takes?”) continued in the wake of the controversy, teased by the two presenters of the Radio24 radio show .

Versus Gino Sorbillo and Francesco Borrelli who yesterday staged a protest with a lot of free pizza «They are advertising», then again with their heads down on the Neapolitan pizza: «I don’t like it, it has too much side dish and yeast, in Salerno they make it different, more subtle. By now pizza is a world product, it has nothing to do with Naples ».

Michele’s pizza in Forcella in Briatore

Meanwhile, on social networks, where the discussion on Briatore’s pizza, the cost of the most famous dish in the world and the Neapolitan tradition is still full of comments and comparisons, someone points out a detail – it should be said – tasty. While the Billionaire entrepreneur magnifies his product and says plague and horns of Neapolitan pizza, in his Crazy Pizza premises, especially in Milan, there are photographs of movie or political stars biting into a slice. Among them the beautiful stands out Julia Roberts. Too bad (for Briatore) that this is a still from the film “Eat, pray, love”, based on the novel of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert. And the pizza in question either that of Michele in Forcellawhere both the scene with the Oscar-winning actress and the Neapolitan chapter of the novel were set.

“Pizza is a dish of the people”, a crowd in via Tribunali in response to Flavio Briatore

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