“I wanted to help my country”

A natural talent and an iron will. The Ukrainian student is only 17 years old Igor Klymenko invented a drone capable of detecting anti-personnel and anti-tank mines and was awarded in New York among 7 thousand participants as “best student in the world” at the Global Student Prize 2022, a prestigious international prize of 100 thousand dollars.

Brown hair and thin build, Igor at the beginning of war in Ukraine he left the city to move to the countryside e he has lived the last few months in a basement together with his family. Here he continued to study, earning his high school diploma while perfecting the mine detection drone he had been working on for eight years.

Mine detector, how it works

Igor’s Quadcopter Mine Detector detects anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines and gives the coordinates of their position with a margin of two centimeters. As the device flies, it can detect mines without detonating them. Now the young student is working to improve his invention: he is adding a paint sprayer to mark the location of the mine, and an artificial intelligence system to identify the type of land mine and the best course of action for safe removal. .

Francesco, the model student of the Donatelli high school in Terni awarded by the president Mattarella

Igor: “This invention will help save lives”

Igor is a Ukrainian high school student passionate about science and technology. In his spare time he devotes himself to Volunteering with Ukrainian Global Scholars, a non-profit organization that helps Ukrainian students obtain scholarships to attend some of the best universities in the world.

In an interview with the BBC Igor said that the idea of ​​the anti-mine drone was born immediately after the invasion of Crimea by Russia, when he was only 9 years old: “I asked myself, what can I do as a student to help my country? Personally I was passionate about “Quadcopters” drones and I started doing research to use this technology to detect mines ».

To develop his project, Igor collaborated with scientists from all over the world and with a humanitarian organization which is dedicated to demining of the liberated territories in the country. According to a study, they would be about 14.5 million people in Ukraine living in contaminated areas from anti-personnel mines and around the world there are about 60 countries contaminated by the presence of anti-personnel mines: “The use of this tool can help save hundreds, or even thousands of lives,” he proudly concludes in the interview on TV. Now Igor plans to use the prize money to further develop his prototypes and raise awareness of the landmine problem.

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