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The supermodel, one of the most sought after in recent years, also told «Vogue America» about when, at the age of 14, she underwent a rhinoplasty operation. And today she is repentant

Bella Hadid, who recently walked the runway with her sister Gigi at the London Burberry show, confided in the American edition of «Vogue» magazine. Hadid revealed that she had undergone surgery and regretted it: the supermodel, in fact, underwent a rhinoplasty (on the nose) at just 14 years old to put an end to a complex that ruined her life when he was younger. The supermodel confided that she too suffered from an inferiority complex towards her sister Gigi Hadid, who immediately reached the top of the catwalks. «I was the ugly sister. I was the brunette », continued Bella« I was not as cool as Gigi nor as extroverted ».

The shattered armor and kindness

Bella Hadid – daughter of Palestinian Jordanian real estate developer Mohamed Hadid and former Dutch model Yolanda Hadid – had already broken what she calls “her armor” in a video posted on Instagram in which she explained that she was suffering from depression and “crying. almost every day”. Personal problems that he reiterated during the interview: “I always wonder, how can a very complex girl, anxious, depressed, who suffers from body image problems and eating disorders, who hates to be touched and suffers from strong social anxiety, enter the world of fashion … – she concluded – and yet more often than not, when I meet people, they tell me that they didn’t think I would be so kind ».

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