I will find the plot and cast there

I will find the plot and cast there

I Will Find You is the first film in the series starring Liam Neeson. A father ready to do anything to save his daughter, in a story written by Luc Besson.

Without a shadow of a doubt I Will Find You is one of the most famous films by Liam Neeson, who boasts a very rich career. It is also one of the most cited films of the 2000s, with reference to the threat he addresses to the kidnappers of his daughter.

I will find the plot and cast there

Bryan Mils is a retired former CIA agent. He works as a bodyguard for the stars of Los Angeles and, at the same time, deals with a private life that is not exactly rosy. He is divorced from ex-wife Lenora and his daughter Kim spends much more time with her mother’s partner than with him.

When the young woman asks him to leave for Paris with her friend Amanda, guests of the latter’s cousins, the man reluctantly accepts. The girl discovers that her friend lied about her cousins ​​being there, but she doesn’t want to let her experience ruin. The two are approached by the charming Peter, agreeing to follow him into his apartment. He is an accomplice of an Albanian criminal organization, which kidnaps young women and forces them to take drugs, and then sell them at auction. Kim manages to call her father before being kidnapped and the man is committed to doing everything possible to save her life. He witnesses the kidnapping of the young woman live on her phone. He later travels to Paris and discovers he has 96 hours before the auction begins.

Looking at the cast, the protagonist is Liam Neeson, as mentioned. His role is that of Bryan Mils. His ex-wife Lenore is played by Famke Janssen, while her daughter Kim is Maggie Grace. The young woman goes to France with her friend Amandawho is Katie Cassidy, while the charming and dangerous Peter is Nicolas Giraud.

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