“I will not stay in the world of football, it is toxic”

Il Pipita to Goal.com: “I will dedicate myself to cooking, learning English and playing the guitar”

Gonzalo Higuain, who announced his farewell to football at the end of the season, will not stay in this world. “Right now I’m not thinking about it, but this championship and this country have made me learn and understand how I can enjoy everything that I was not able to do before. I love my daughter and my wife, my life revolves around them. They are the ones who are with me for better or for worse – Pipita explained to Goal.com -. As for the other activities, maybe i would like to explore the world of cooking, maybe play guitar or learn english, but i have no intention of staying in footballat least in the short term. It is a world that becomes more and more toxic every day and I no longer see myself in it. I want to get away from sports. Yes, I will watch it, but I know what I experienced. I think it’s just a world that I don’t belong to as much as I thought I belonged initially. After football I want to open my mind and enjoy my family and my life. “

Over the course of the lengthy interview, the Argentine striker retraces his extraordinary career: “I’m sure that when I stop playing, I’ll sit down and think about everything I’ve been able to win. I’m super proud of what I’ve achieved. I have. played for the best clubs in the world – he added – I played in the national team for nine years, I played in the World Cup, Champions League and I achieved all the goals I had set for myself in my career. Winning or losing is a consequence; more important is the path, and it’s something people will never take away from me. I’ve had a wonderful career. “

The years in Naples. “These are moments that are impossible to forget. It is one of the best sensations you can experience as a player, that is to hear a stadium full of people screaming your name after a goal: I get goosebumps thinking about it today. But it can also happen. the opposite. In football it’s not all good. One day 60,000 people are shouting your name, fifteen days later they might insult you. Things change fast, very fast. So over time I’ve tried to learn that praise doesn’t get me too high and criticism does not take me too low “.

The Pipita had as companions with both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. “A lot of people could talk about the pressure to play alongside them, but I disagree. They take responsibility when things don’t go well and for me it is a privilege to be able to play with two of the greatest players of all time. always the fact that he played with them in their heyday and peak. And now they are not only great former teammates, but also great friends. “

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Higuain announces: "The day has come to say goodbye to football"
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Higuain announces: “The day has come to say goodbye to football”

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