“I woke up covered in hair, the doctors didn’t understand why”

Loses all hairs of the body in just six months. Tom Hall, a 30-year-old American who lives in Londonwas struck byAlopecia Universalis, the most severe form of alopecia, involving complete or almost complete loss of hair on the scalp, face and rest of the body.

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The story

“There is no cure for this disease,” Tom tells Metro. “While taking a morning shower in early November 2021, I noticed a huge amount of hair in my hands. I felt numb, shocked and extremely confused. In a panic, I called my mom and explained what was going on. We thought she was the new shampoo, then I went to the doctor who told me about normal male pattern baldness, but that wasn’t the case. I loved my hair, like most people. I woke up with the sheets covered in hair, the shower drain got clogged and it always looked like I had a new haircut. It was terrible, ”his words.

The diagnosis

Tom lost 70% of his hair over the next three weeks. Doctors did tests to look for iron levels, thyroid function, and white blood cells, but they couldn’t find any abnormalities. “In December I still had no answers, the doctors were confused,” he said. In order not to keep seeing his hair falling out, Tom decided to shave: «he trusted me and I wasn’t sick». The family doctor was the first to talk about alopecia, but “I didn’t believe it and kept looking for alternative answers,” said Tom. Eventually even specialists confirmed the doctor’s suspicion.

The treatment

“When they told me it was Alopecia Universalis I felt relief and pain at the same time – explains the young man -. Eventually I got a diagnosis and was able to relax a bit, but I was also struck by the reality of a disease I knew nothing about. My dermatologist told me that alopecia can happen to anyone at any time, at any age and of any sex. I was also told that no one understands why this happens and many think it is stress induced or related to the environment. ‘

Tom has started a treatment, paid for privately since alopecia is not a health-supported disease, but is considered an aesthetic condition. “I started a course of steroids, but no hair has grown back. In May I was hairless on 100% of my body », he concluded disconsolately.

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