“I won’t be Kitty Pryde in the movie”

Among the actors who have never made a secret of wanting to return to the MCU is Halle Berry, who has said she wants to play Storm again. Lately, however, it has been rumored that the actress will be Kitty Pryde in the MCU’s X-Men movie, although Berry has now denied the rumor.

That of the mutants of X-Men is certainly one of the most anticipated projects of Marvel, along with the film on the Fantastic 4. There have been many rumors about it, and there was also talk of a possible return of Kevin Bacon as a mutant in the MCU. The confirmations, on the other hand, arrived in a much lower number. As with any Studios project, there is a lot of talk about the characters that might appear, but there are so many assumptions that then there is very little truth.

To give a confirmation (in negative) was Halle Berry, approached as already mentioned to the role of Kitty Pryde. The actress re-posted an article about the rumor he simply wrote “it’s not true lmao”. A simple sentence, which could have given a reliable answer, even if considering Marvel never say never. In fact, the Studios have a truly remarkable secrecy protocol, and the actress may simply not have been allowed to reveal anything. In any case, it is hoped that some more information on the film will arrive during D23. What do you think of this post by Halle Berry? Let us know in the comments!

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