“I would have given my life if it had saved her”

Fabio Liverani and Federica Frangipane they were no longer married, but the Cagliari coach would have given his life for his ex-wife if it had served to save her. “He still had so much to give. His dying wishes were for others, ”he says in an interview with Corriere Della Sera.

Federica was 46, she had been battling cancer for nine. With her he had two children, Mattia and Lucrezia. “I met her as a girl, she was 13, and it was a beautiful, beautiful story. Even when things began to fail between us. Love can end, good was and will remain forever. This is how Mattia and Lucrezia lived there: two people who continued to respect and esteem each other. Federica was my youth, my disappointments, my successes ».

Fabio Liverani and his dead wife Federica had met at school. Now he wants to grant his last wish

The tumor

“The first diagnosis wasn’t terrible: a meningioma, a benign brain cancer. She was operated on for the first time, then reappeared again and underwent the second surgery. Until the third operation, at that point he was no longer an evil to fight. She believed she could do it until six months ago. She smiled and fought. Federica wanted to live, for our children. Federica was life ».

The last wish

“As a last wish, he asked to financially support the Ifo, the hospital he attended. They have not brand new equipment, there are many patients who still have hope. Federica insisted a lot. “Let’s help them, she told me”. My brother-in-law is taking care of the fundraising ».

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