“I would like”; Messi ‘breaks the silence’ and expresses regret over relationship with Ronaldinho at Barcelona

For Barcelona fans, one of the pairs that most marked the memory were the South Americans Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho Gaúcho. Despite playing at Barça at different times in their careers, the combination of the talents of the stars has yielded unforgettable moments for the Culés.

To ‘refresh’ the fans’ feelings, this week the Brazilian released his documentary entitled: “The happiest guy in the world”. In the short, the player recalls several moments of his time at Barcelona, like when he was given a standing ovation in the middle of the Santiago Bernabéu and also about several conversations with the Argentine.

But an excerpt from the documentary seems to have caught the attention of fans a lot, at one point in his interview, when Lionel Messi says: “R10 came to me and said ‘now that I’m leaving, this shirt will be yours’, I wish I had matured more with him“, the revelation was enough to ‘shake the structures’ of the Culés.

On social media, fans released several statements, one of them was even bold and published: The 2 greatest players in the history of Barcelonawhat a fantastic image“. Another netizen said: “Would be better than he already is“, regarding Messi acquiring even more knowledge of R10.

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