IAIP awards winning images of contest: ‘Protecting my personal data’

IAIP awards winning images of contest: ‘Protecting my personal data’

May 22 – 2023

The Institute of Access to Public Information and Protection of Personal Data of the State of Tlaxcala (IAIP) awarded the girls and boys winners of the drawing contest “Protecting my personal data”, in which they expressed their views on a topic that It is at present it is of great importance for this segment of the population.

The contest was aimed at girls, boys and adolescents aged 6 to 12 enrolled in educational institutions in the state of Tlaxcala, who were able to portray in their lives the notion of privacy or protection of personal data. , daily.

IAIP Tlaxcala received more than 180 works from children and adolescents whose proposals focused on highlighting the importance of this segment of the population having the knowledge and guidance that allows them to protect their data in the environments they Together they live daily.

Above all, when it comes to a generation that lives daily with platforms and tools hosted on the Internet, for example, digital social networks, video game consoles or homework pages, where less able It is necessary to provide less personal data to use them.

During the award ceremony, Maribel Rodriguez Piedras, President Commissioner of IAIP Tlaxcala, said that there are challenges related to privacy and the protection of personal data.

“It is important that from an early age we understand the importance of protecting our personal data and using technology responsibly. Their participation shows that they are aware of this relevance”, he said.

The Chairman of the Guarantor Body recognized the contribution of each one of the participants with the intention of bringing about a positive change in the society and making more and more people aware about the importance of privacy.

The winners were Valentina Camila Vazquez Vazquez and Ximena Palma Escarcega, in first and second place, respectively, in category “A”. While in category “B” Adrián Díaz Armenta and Dayana Yamilet Barcenas Vazquez were first and second respectively.

Members of the evaluation jury were present at the event, including Mariana Espinosa de los Monteros Cuéllar, Honorary President of the DIF State System; Víctor Reyes Cuautle, director of the National Pedagogical University Unit 291; and Ivete Mayte Hernandez Hernandez, representative of Nidya Cano Rodríguez, head of the State Women’s Institute.

IAIP Tlaxcal conducts this type of activity with the aim of making as many people as possible aware of the right of access to public information and the importance of protecting personal data.

In these efforts, different sectors of society are identified to focus on strategies that aim to both make individual guarantees visible, known and used responsibly.

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