Ibrahimović: I hit Azpilicueta on purpose. I would do it again

Zlatan Ibrahimović once again arouses extreme emotions. The Milan forward admitted that in the recent match between the Swedes and Spain, he deliberately hit Cesar Azpilicueta. The referee showed him only a yellow card, although according to many, he could easily throw him off the pitch.

Now Zlatan has stated outright that there was no accident in this incident.

I did it on purpose. The guy previously did something stupid to one of our people, he was exalted in relation to him. I sent him a signal: “Fuck **, don’t do this, you don’t have the guts to be like that to me, but I’ll show you what would happen if you did” – said the Swede.

And he added: – I know it’s stupid, but I’d do it again. This is who I am and I am not ashamed to talk about it.

Ibrahimović suffered a certain penalty anyway, because this yellow card would make him miss in the first play-off. – It’s not about playing play-offs, but about making a guy understand that you don’t poke someone while they’re on the ground. You are not attacking a dog that does not bark. It’s easy to do with my friends who are 20 and very nice guys. Hope he understands now – ended ‘Ibra’.


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