iCarly star, who denounced her mother’s psychological abuse, 30 years ago

Jennette McCurdy

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This Sunday (26), Jennette McCurdy turns 30. The former American actress, singer, voice actress, director and songwriter had success playing Sam Puckett on Nicklodean’s “iCarly”.

McCurdy has been working on his autobiographyand revealed the process behind the cover of the book “I’m glad my mom died”. The former actress explained about the name of the work in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The choice of the morbid title of the work was explained as follows. At the age of 6, McCurdy was placed by her mother in the life of an artist. According to the former actress, the work will be “as funny as it is sad”. On the cover of the book, Jennette holds an urn with shredded papers like confetti. Connect only:

Jennette McCurdy
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“Ultimately, I chose a facial expression that I consider to be sincere, a little hurt and a little hopeful,” continued the former actress. McCurdy highlighted how the subject is addressed in the work: “It was important for me to explore the emotional and psychological abuse I suffered during my time as a young artist.”

“I feel like I didn’t have the tools, language or support I needed to speak for myself back then. So this book is a way to not only honor that experience and give voice to my old self, but I hope to encourage young people to speak up for themselves in environments where they can be conditioned to just ‘play ball’ and ‘be good at sport’. ”, added the actress.

In the book, Janet tells how her toxic relationship with her mother “pushed” her to star on Nickelodeon. This fueled the young girl’s anxiety and shame, which manifested in eating disorders, addictions, and a host of unhealthy relationships.

The situation worsened when her mother, Debbie McCurdy, died of cancer in 2013, around the same time she joined the cast of “Sam & Cat” alongside Ariana Grande. The actress left her career three years later.

Jennette McCurdy
Photo: Playback/YouTube/Nickelodeon

Last year, Jennette McCurdy opened up about her troubled childhood in an interview with magazine people. The actress shared that at age 6, despite being “extremely shy,” she started auditioning for roles because she felt it was her “job to keep the peace” and “wanted to make her mother happy.”

As a result, Debbie became increasingly concerned about her daughter’s appearance, and began bleaching her hair and teeth when she was 10 years old. Until she was 17, her mother also insisted on having vaginal and breast exams, and never let her daughter shower alone.

During the conversation, she reported that she started counting the calories she ate at the age of 11: “My mother used to tell me that she could teach me how to count calories and that we would be a team, but that I needed to keep it a secret. I thought it was an opportunity for us to be closer,” she recalled. McCurdy said she lived on 1,000 calories a day but that she sometimes ate less because she “wanted to make her mother proud.”

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By the time she landed the role in iCarly, at age 15, she was already suffering from anorexia: “Ironically, the hallmark of my character is that she loved food. I had scenes where I needed to eat and they had a bucket for me to spit out, but I was terrified that the calories would stay in my body.”

“I know that if my mother were alive, I would still have an eating disorder,” said the former actress, who recovered from bulimia, anorexia and alcoholism in 2018. way of rebelling against the control he had at home. “Only her distance allowed me to stay healthy,” McCurdy said. O book should be released in August this year.

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