“I’d like to adopt, even alone”

In a recent interview with Verissimo, Arisa admitted that she would like to become a mother and that, to fulfill this desire, she would also be ready to resort to single adoption.

It is in the course of an intimate-toned interview that Rosalba Pippain art Arisaconfessed to hatching a desire for motherhood. A wish she would be willing to pursue even alone, using, for example, theadoption. A process, especially for singles, which in Italy can be long and winding and at the end of which the desired result is not guaranteed, namely that of to be able to become parents and provide a boy or girl with all the care, affection and resources they need to thrive. There Lucanian singer she is not the first celebrity to show a similar will and her (suave) voice could be added to that of the many others that have been around for some time claim the possibility of being able to adopt even in the absence of a partner.

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Arisa and single adoption

“I’d like to adopt a child, even alone”that is how Arisa answers the question posed by Silvia Toffaninwho asks the singer if there is still in her “The desire to become a mother”. The interpreter of some milestones of contemporary Italian music such as Simplicity And Wonderful my love It is currently singleafter the end of the love affair with the dancer Vito Coppola, known while participating in dancing with the Starsbut despite her marital status, she feels ready to welcome and embrace motherhood. Arisa is, in fact, aware that in order to guarantee a happy and peaceful life for children, the presence of two parents is not necessary and it is precisely by virtue of this awareness that she is considering the possibility of walking the path of adoption, even as a single.

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A strong maternal instinct

L’Lucanian artistcurrently engaged in the role of singing coach to Friendshe investigated the matter, explaining to be animated by a “strong maternal instinct”. Arisa explained, in fact, that she shows this attitude in all his relationships: “I have it with men, I have it with the boys of Amici, I have it with my friends. I care, I am a loving person … I am looking for at least “, statements to which the hostess responded affectionately, calling her a”hen”, Just to underline his predisposition to a possible future parental role.

Actually Arisa he has never made any secret of this strong point of his maternal instinct. Already in July, the singer had posted on Instagram a photo of incredible tenderness that saw her holding a child in her arms. In support of the shot, the following sweet caption, from which she exudes everything her desire to become a mother: “It was a long time since I had a baby in my arms. I felt strongly about the place where I would like to stay and I thought that if I believe in it and commit myself I can get there. ‘eye to eye without fear, I hold you tight, I’ll take care of you, LOVE, life that is worth it (for me)’ “.

The right to adopt alone: ​​before Arisa, also Claudia Gerini

As also mentioned at the beginning of this article, Arisa she is not the only celebrity who would like to fulfill their dream of parenthood even as a single one. Just a year ago she also talked about it Claudia Gerini who, during an interview, had expressed this desire, lashing out against the paradoxical adoption system in force in Italy, access to which is almost barred to those who are not married. The Roman actress had asked herself, in fact, one of the questions that most afflict the categories excluded from the possibility of adopting: “Why does a child have to stay in an orphanage rather than with a mother who loves him?”then add that “It is incredibly absurd that in a civilized country a woman who wants to give love to a child, who has the financial availability and space at home, cannot do so”.

Single adoptions in Italy: when is it possible?

In Italyactually, according toarticle 44 of Law no. 184 of 1983, the single can access adoptions only in very special cases, such as:

  • If the minor was orphan of both parents and the would-be adoptive parent was a relative (up to VI degree) or had settled with him a stable friendship relationship and lasting over time.
  • If the minor has lost his parents and is suffering from physical or mental disabilityas in the famous case of Luca Trapanesethe single dad who adopted little Alba, a girl with Down syndrome and whom other married couples had previously rejected, frightened of the challenges they would face due to her condition.
  • If the minor comes from a disadvantaged family context and established with the custodial parent an ongoing affectionate relationship. In this particular situation, first of all, we proceed with fostering and, only if the problems with the family of origin appear obviously unsolvable, then the social services would prepare the possibility of adopting.

In general, it should be emphasized that the Italian system always favors married coupleswhose access to adoption is in any case guaranteed only if certain rather rigid and severe parameters are met.


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The battle of Serena Caprio

In Italy, to fight for this right to be recognized also for singles, there has been thinking about it for some time Serena Capriowhich also launched one petition about it on Change.org. Interviewed byHuffpostthe doctor had expressed all his frustration at the inability to adopt alone, stating: “In Italy there is no law that allows singles to adopt children (if you don’t entrust specials) and I don’t think it right, because I’m sure that even alone I could give an abandoned child the affection and all the care it would need “. Also during the same interview, Caprio was also careful to specify that “the extension of adoption to singles and same-sex couples does not want to override the traditional family, which remains the preferred choice for the custody of a minor” specifying that “Behind our requests there is always the willingness to put the child’s interest first which, instead of suffering inside a foster home, he might have a chance to live a normal life full of affection even with a single parent. I believe that the time has come for these important legislative gaps in civil rights to be filled in Italy ”.

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