‘I’d rather freeze to death than go to a shelter’: Venezuelan migrants in Chicago decide to sleep in tents


A group of immigrants live in tents in a park next to the police station in Pilsen’s 12th district. Asylum seekers say they would rather face the cold in Chicago than go to shelters, which the city has set up for thousands of migrants in recent months.

by Univision

But migrants seem less convinced to stay in shelters because they are convinced they could catch viruses like the flu because the spaces are saturated.

“It’s worse in the shelters, there’s flu, tuberculosis, everything together. Imagine 1,200 people gathered together!” said Denis Díaz, a Venezuelan immigrant.

“I prefer to stay in my tent, in my heart,” Alexis Sánchez, another Venezuelan immigrant, told Univision Chicago. “I prefer to stay in my tent than in those shelters. In the place. “

Among immigrants who have recently arrived in Chicago, they also admit they haven’t been able to adjust to the shelter’s food or rules. One of the anonymous sources said he now sleeps in a tent for these reasons.

Authorities confront migrants in tents

Univision Chicago News asked André Vásquez, chairman of the City Council’s Refugee Committee, for a statement, and he responded in a text message that he was unaware of the city’s plans for the migrants living in tents.

The editorial team has also asked the city of Chicago and the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Rights to respond, but they have yet to respond to requests to find solutions to the crisis in Chicago.

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