ID @ Xbox Showcase announced for March, date and time of the new event –

Microsoft announced a new presentation event of the series ID @ Xbox for the month of March 2022, which will give space to several games coming to Xbox Series X | S, PC and Xbox One, focusing in particular with those that fall under the ID @ Xbox program.

The new ID @ Xbox Showcase will be held on March 16, 2022 at 19:00 Italian, or next Wednesday, with many trailers, updates, gameplay and information on various games coming in the next period for Xbox and PC.

ID @ Xbox Showcase of March 2022, the poster of the event

ID @ Xbox Showcase of March 2022, the poster of the event

There is no precise information on the contents, of course, but some titles we can already see them from the presentation graphics and from what Microsoft reported on Xbox Wire.

Among the titles present there are Tunic, Trek to Yomi, There is no Light and Shredders, or all games arriving right in the month of March 2022, so we can expect a general update on the upcoming lineup regarding in particular the indie gamesexcept for further surprises and presentations of things more distant in time.

The ID @ Xbox program was set up by Microsoft to provide support in the production and publishing of games on Xbox and PC, therefore it mainly concerns titles from indie teams, but it is not certain that these are necessarily small, since even titles medium or even wider fall within the program.

So let’s stay tuned and aim for March 16 at 19:00 to see what this new Showcase from Microsoft will be about, taking into account that it will probably be game updates coming in the next period and not huge in size, mostly (if not exclusively) indie.

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