Identification of mothers in vulnerable communities

World Vision, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, to highlight the importance of parenting with tenderness, their role in promoting protective abilities towards their daughters and sons, besides distribution of kits for lactating and pregnant mothers Performs focused activities.

The commemoration of Mother’s Day seeks to highlight the work done by millions of women in Colombia and from the humanitarian organization World Vision, various activities will be carried out throughout the month of May in more than 15 departments, of which it is implementing . Programs and projects focused on the safety and well-being of communities.

However, due to being the weekend with the highest record of violent incidents according to Legal Medicine, the celebration of the mother has been celebrated in recent years. For more than 10 years, the highest number of violent deaths have been recorded during this commemoration.

In this sense and to promote a culture of peace, resilience and well-being of mothers and their families, World Vision through education, such as Education Cannot Wait, Hope Without Borders and its sponsoring programs in the national sector, They want to create awareness in the communities around a culture of respect and safety.

In Medellin, for example, 450 girls and boys will carry out manual and creative activities that encourage students to reflect on the value and role of their mothers. these actions, They are intended to strengthen affective and familial ties through dialogue with didactic content but, at the same time, with a reflection of the recognition of those who represent the figure of the mother. Poems, cards and other elements were distributed to the person who fulfilled the role of mother in the life of girls and boys: aunts, grandmothers, sisters and / or stepmothers.

On the other hand, with the Esperanza Sin Fronteras project supported by the Office of Population, Refugees and Migration PRM of the United States Department of State in Tunja and Bogotá, an activity has been planned for migrant mothers, Which aims to strengthen ties in the family nucleus while stabilizing and promoting self-care practices for those who are known to take more responsibility in the processes of raising and caring for children.

this project It has served 484 women since September 2022, out of which 23% are pregnant women, 73.7% are lactating women and 2.6% are in both situations. In all three cases, they received information on the Parenting with Tenderness model to promote caring and protective practices towards their daughters and sons and themselves, as well as a kit for personal care of infants, girls and boys, including a kit Is. Backpack, scarf, diaper, cream and toy.

It is expected that in the departments of La Guajira and Atlantico, activities focused on the family will be carried out as a safe space, in addition to capacity building Health care and protection of families To guarantee respect, dignity and quality of life to all its members.

about world vision

World Vision is a global organization for development, humanitarian assistance, advocacy (political influence and mobilisation), justice and promoter of Christian principles, focused on the comprehensive protection with tenderness of the most vulnerable girls and boys, overcoming extreme poverty. affects, the fullness of life and human transformation

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