Idris Elba wants to return as Bloodsport to beat Superman

An aura of mystery surrounds the return of the Bloodsport character in the DC universe: Idris Elba asks to film the clash with Superman

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The cast of Bang!, the new Netflix film based on a comic by Matt Kindt and Wilfredo Torres, directed by David Leitch. The actor plays the world-famous spy who is hired to free the world from the yoke of a group of terrorists who subtly attack security by pretending that an Apocalypse is coming. Idris Elba. A role in line with his experience of him but which does not seem to satisfy him enough, also because currently his dream seems to be another: the actor wants to return to the set of a DC film in the role of the antagonist of Superman, Bloodsport. The project does not yet exist and probably Elba in this way wanted to throw the bait to the producers, hoping that his manifestation of availability could, in some way, convince them to consider the possibility, even if the actor has recently declared to be engaged in a DC production.

Idris Elba wants to be Bloodsport again


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Bloodsport made its first appearance in The Suicide Squad, James Gunn’s blockbuster film. “I’d definitely like to tell the Superman story. Without any doubt. Bloodsport vs. Superman. It has to happen, ”Idris Elba said recently, rekindling fans’ hopes for the character’s possible return. There is nothing safe in the pipeline, no announcements have yet been made and no information has even been released that could suggest a future return. The only info available so far are the alleged commitment of Idris Elba in a DC production and the words of James Gunn, who in May in a rather cryptic tweet had hinted at the possibility of a return of Bloodsport. James Gunn is currently involved in several film and television projects, including the spin-off of The Suicide Squad with Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. Could this be the mysterious project Idris Elba talked about? Impossible to say, at least at the moment, just as it is difficult to know if this will be the film in which Superman and Bloodsport will come to the clash.

The Bloodsport character


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In the movie The Suicide Squad the clash between Bloodsport and Superman is told but never shown and it is precisely in relation to what Idris Elba would like to shoot a scene in which the two characters come to meet. At the end of the film The Suicide Squad, the character of Idris Elba is one of the few members of Task Force X who survives the tough battle against Starro. But Bloodsport also manages to free his men thanks to a blackmail email sent to Amanda Waller. An important bond is created between the two in the narration of the events of the DC world and, therefore, it cannot be excluded that it is the spin-off that consecrates the definitive entry of Bloodsport into the universe of DC characters, in view of an upcoming appointment. in which there will also be the clash with Superman.

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