IE University Presents Its ‘Artificial Intelligence Manifesto’ Grupo Milenio

Where is the headquarters of IE University, an institution recognized as one of the most innovative in the world? madridpresented “Artificial Intelligence Manifesto”A statement that reaffirms its commitment in this field.

The document highlights the main programmes, initiatives and research projects promoted by IE University to enrich the learning experience of students, broaden their training and develop their abilities for critical thinking, an analytical mindset and a humanistic perspective of innovation Is.

said in the manifesto IE University has over 20 years of experience Online Masters in Design.

“Technology is part of our DNA and we are convinced that generative artificial intelligence represents a great opportunity to promote education, train responsible leaders who respond to the challenges of a globalized world, and promote economic and social development “

The authors of this Institutional Declaration know that we are experiencing a revolution of the magnitude of the invention of the steam engine or the creation of the Internet. Furthermore, he added that IE University has always been committed to anticipating the future, embracing technology and fostering positive change through education, innovation and research, which is why they have come up with their announcement on Artificial Intelligence in this vein. Present the letter.

Also, IE University Promotes the ethical use of artificial intelligence and works to prevent its inappropriate use, in addition to contributing to the debate on the ethical and governance challenges posed by it. With this objective, it has developed an educational policy that outlines how to use these tools in the classroom to enrich the student experience.

The manifesto includes a selection of projects promoted by IE University in the field of AI, initiatives that analyze the potential of artificial intelligence, promote research, disseminate knowledge and enrich the learning experience. Among them, IE University programs are like Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence And this Master Computer Science and Business Technology.

Furthermore, students of the Master in Management are trained in specialized content Big Data and Machine Learning, machine learning in business, chatbotAnd Robotics and Intelligent Interface. Master in Finance covers content artificial intelligence and deep learning In Python.

Legal students of Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws receive training on regulation regime Aye. And this Master in Applied Economics sessions on Machine Learning and Data Management.

Humanities and Artificial Intelligence

The authors of the manifesto highlight the role of the humanities in managing AI, as they offer a unique approach to analyzing the impact of technology on society. From the individual’s point of view, it allows “to develop students’ critical thinking and their capacity for responsible leadership”.

IE University professors do research on AI. Among other initiatives, the Faculty analyzes the application of AI in the cultural and creative industry, evaluates the ethical implications of creating images using generative tools, assesses its impact on neuromarketing, studies the impact of AI on the environment does, and they work on projects with students, such as building a domed pavilion on the Segovia campus with AI equipment.

Artificial Intelligence has changed business management. In this regard the team talent and career IE University works with companies and employers around the world to identify the skills and knowledge they need for the future of work.

Artificial Intelligence has made inroads into companies and as a reflection of this revolution, 40 percent graduate From the Master in Computer Science and Business Technologies, the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data and the Master in Digital Business and Innovation are currently working on AI-related positions.

In short, in its commitment to humanistic and sustainable innovation, IE University continues to work on new projects that strengthen learning, the development of critical thinking, and the generation and dissemination of knowledge.


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