If a bicycle, then an electrician. The demand for two-wheelers in Poland has soared

Poles love electric two-wheelers. Not only bicycles, but also scooters have become fashionable. This is why the Łódź-based e-vehicle manufacturer, TrybEco, has just acquired VoltScooters, an operator of a scooter network borrowed by the minute, Rzeczpospolita has learned.

Entering the so-called vehicle sharing is not the end of the company’s rapid development – it is reaching for the second round of financing (it will raise PLN 3 million), which is to support ambitious plans. TrybEco is preparing foreign expansion, and in five years it wants to sell 15 thousand. e-bikes.

Groclin will go to Europe?

TrybEco produces bikes, scooters and scooters, but also offers charging, parking and rental stations for these vehicles. – The creation of another pillar of the company in the form of sharing systems gives us great opportunities and growth potential – says Tomasz Przygucki, founder of TrybEco. – In the years 2020–2026 we plan an increase of 25-50 percent. annually. We will increase the income by a minimum threefold – he announces.

Łukasz Blichewicz, president of the Assay Group (an investor in the Łódź company), points out that today 60 percent. the daily journeys of Europeans take place within a radius of 8 km. – At such distances, electric two-wheelers are unrivaled. In 2030, 17 million such vehicles will be sold in EU countries, he explains.

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The European e-bike market grew by 25% in 2020. In 2021, the dynamics is even higher. It is estimated that in 2026 the share of electricians in the domestic bicycle market worth PLN 5.5 billion will reach 30%. As Michał Seidel, the president of eGroclin, argues, we can already speak of a boom today. – Although we started production in 2021, we managed to sell the entire quantity before the end of the year. We also have sold 50 percent. our production capacity for 2022. Demand is huge, so we want to increase our production capacity, perhaps even tenfold, he declares. And he emphasizes that decisions to invest in increasing the company’s production capacity will be made in December.

The Poznań-based company, part of the Groclin group, does not rule out the construction of a network of stores with e-bikes. – The potential of this market is huge – adds Seidel.

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In his opinion, the demand is favored by the pandemic, which in the case of many people accelerated the decision to switch to a bicycle. “The development of infrastructure is also convincing about buying an electric bike,” explains Seidel.

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The company hopes to carve out a large part of the market. Electricity is a niche of the bicycle sector in which there are no dominant players in our country. – In a few years we want to be a leader in Poland and a strong player in Europe – says our interlocutor.

In Germany, 85 percent. the bikes sold are already electrics. In the Netherlands this year. for the first time, consumers bought more of them than traditional ones. – Poland still has a lot to do here. We sell over 1.2 million bicycles, and in Germany – 3.5 million – notes the president of eGroclin.

Record results

However, not only e-bikes are experiencing a boom, but also traditional two-wheelers. This was felt by the Romet Group – it assumes that at the end of this year. will reach PLN 450 million in revenues. As we have established, the company recorded as much as 35 percent in 2021. an increase in sales compared to 2019 (by 50% increased online sales). According to forecasts, Romet is to break another record next year, reaching PLN 600 million in revenues.

– In 2021, we could achieve even better results, but we decided not to replace accessories from recognized brands, such as Shimano or Sram, with cheaper alternatives, which was decided by some of the competition – comments Grzegorz Grzyb, vice president of Romet. And announces that as much as 20 percent. all Romet bicycles will be electric.

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