If beer finances the restoration of the Castle Locomotive

It can be sustained the restoration of the castle locomotive also … drinking a beer.

This can be done in about a month, when il Curtense craft brewery will put on the market a beer resulting from a recipe specially designed to celebrate the historic “Number 1”, e part of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the fundraising campaign launched by Palcogiovani (here the site for information and donations) for the restoration of the “horsepower” which began its service along the Brescia-Iseo-Edolo line in 1907, but also towards Cremona and then from Orbetello to Porto Santo Stefano, and which remained active until the advent of diesel in 1960.

Saved from the merger, sold for a lira to the Bresciano Federmodellistico Club in 1961, it was brought in Castle with a great popular festival on September 17 of that year, and since then, she has never moved from there, “prisoner” of the Falcone d’Italia, as D’Annunzio had called our castle.

Today, however, the locomotive needs to be restored, because unfortunately thererust is gradually eating it, piece by piece. Hence the campaign launched by Palcogiovani with which they would like collect at least one hundred thousand euros by the end of the yearinviting the people of Brescia – who are proving to be very fond of one of the symbols of the city – to donate what they can, gathering exceptional testimonials such as Charlie Cinelli, Roberto Capo and announced others such as Iginio Massari and Fabio Volo.

The short film. The novelties were illustrated on Thursday evening at the Summer Eden, at the Viridarium, on the occasion of the presentation of the ten-minute short film entitled “The prisoner of the Hawk”, created by the director Andrea Terreni, who has masterfully managed to bring the photographs of “Numero 1” to life (from the Negri and Cinelli historical archives) and to have their story told by the current president of the Club, Enrico Maggini, by a member such as Giorgio Morocutti, from the former president of the Oscar Maletti Club and the historian Claudio Pedrazzini, who also presented the technical characteristics, as well as the events to bring the locomotive up to the bastion of San Faustino, now better known as the Locomotive square. Pieces of history of the city, of its province that can be heard and seen by consulting the locomotivabs.it page, the same from which you can also donate.

As of yesterday, the sum exceeds 17 thousand eurosthe result of many small offers, but once the holidays have passed, the Palcogiovani association is convinced that a strong contribution to the cause can come from the Brescia companies.