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From the moral superiority of the left to the media emulation of the right. There are those who say that those who copy the ideas of others are because there is no strength in them. We don’t know if this is the case, and I’ll be the latest performance of Enrico Letta it symbolizes more an anticipated defeat than a manifest of strength. Seeing the secretary of the Democratic Party in front of a camera speaking in three languages ​​(French, Spanish and English) a few days after seeing Giorgia Meloni doing the same thing is a bit sad and in some ways unexpected. We would have imagined everything except that those who have denigrated the FDI leader for weeks accusing him of fascism measured themselves on the same camp as the enemy. And its intent is not understood other than that of a purely linguistic clash. But the point here is not which of the two performs best in the pronunciation of an idiom. The point, if anything, is the paucity of the contents, the lack of ideas, the painful pursuit of the opponent. It seems like an admission of defeat, a black (and if Letta makes a reason for it) omen. On the other hand, while the center-right has already presented its electoral program, we do not know that the center-left has done the same. Nor is it surprising since yet another pile of parties will be broadcast on the left and therefore it will be difficult to pursue unity of ideas. What is surprising is instead Letta’s turnaround, who more than the front runner of the left seems to have become the trailer of right. Not for nothing the joke addressed to Melons (“Try to powder …”) complete with subsequent apologies (“it was an unfortunate joke”) is just another clear and evident sign of decadence of a leader who seems to have no other horizon to follow than that of logic of the enemy, of going against someone without being able to indicate the course by making converts of voters – and why not? – of detractors. Instead, Letta stands in front of the camera to reply to Meloni’s video, to attack her once again. But the risk that by doing so you have done the leader of Fdi a favor is high.

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