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Lapidary, determined Sanna Marin. During a press meeting, Finland’s prime minister responded without hesitation to a question about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In a viral video on Twitter (via @rikhardhusu), a reporter is heard asking her: “But what could be the way out of this war?” and the premier with a harsh, indeed firm and iron expression replied: “How can we get out of the conflict? The way out is for Russia to leave Ukraine. This is the only way to end the war. Thank you”. Then a snorted half smile as if to say “it seems so obvious that Russia has to leave Ukraine, what else?”.

In a nutshell, Sanna Marin has closed the door in the face of pro-Otinians and pseudo diplomacy. You reiterated that there is an aggressor, Putin’s Russia, and Zelensky’s Ukraine has been attacked and that there has been a serious and unacceptable violation of the rights of a sovereign state. Shortly after the invasion of the country of Kiev, the youngest head of government in the world, worried about the security of Finland (the border with the Russian Federation is 1,340 km long, ed.) Broke the traditional neutrality by asking for NATO membership .

In an interview with Italian newspapers, he explained the decision: “Becoming a member of the Atlantic Alliance means that if we are attacked, the allies will intervene in our defense as provided for in Article 5 of the Statute, but it is also our responsibility to help others in case of an attack. We have good defensive skills, we already spend more than 2% of our GDP on defense and for decades we have invested a lot in our safety precisely because of the large and aggressive neighbor we have on our borders. I hope the nuclear weapon is not used. It would be a violation of every international law and rule, as indeed is the war that Russia has waged in Ukraine ”.

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