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The letter from Giorgia Meloni’s sister: «Good job, I’m here and I’m not the only one. This time we are many! “

A long post on Facebook by Arianna to wish “Good work!” to his sister Giorgia, leader of Fratelli d’Italia and retrace the election campaign, then closing with: «I am there and I am not the only one. this time we are many “. He appeared on Saturday at 1.30pm.

Arianna Meloni writes: «If only they knew the anxiety you felt, like that first time at Porta a Porta. The nights spent in white studying. Silences and anxieties, often together, to understand, reflect and look around. You let out when you were too tired and knew you could show your vulnerable side with me. I have never seen you give in to the lure of power, never privilege your personal interest over what you considered right to do for this nation. We have arrived where we are, without help, indeed with many obstacles. We got there thanks above all to you, because you are a credible person and leader, so credible that you have managed to establish yourself as a woman and as a mother in a world that above all gives nothing to women. No, it wasn’t luck or chance. It was work, dedication, example. Today they recognize you as a leader because you were the one who sacrificed the most. To me the pride of being your sister ».

It’s still: «I will accompany you to Mount Fate to throw that ring into the fire, like Sam with Frodo, knowing that it is not my story that will be told, but yours, as it should be. It will be enough for me to know that I have been useful in some way in this great adventure that you are building, because when you needed to rest, to cry, to relax or to give advice, I was there. If only they knew. I remember when in 2002, in his early twenties, you had to speak in front of an audience of over 5000 people in a congress of the National Alliance. You looked at me as you have done since you were little with your big eyes and you told me: today I make a fool of myself. You were terrified. Almost no one knew you, you were recently the president of the youth of the party. When you got on stage they looked at you curiously, even amused, as if to say “who is this girl”? Then you started talking and the room remained silent, listening. And never as today are Tolkien’s words a compass with which you closed that intervention: “It is not up to us to dominate all the tides of the world. Our task is to do everything possible for the salvation of the years in which we live, eradicating evil from the fields we know, in order to leave healthy and clean land to cultivate for those who will come afterwards ”. Good work my sister. I am there and I am not the only one. This time we are many! ».

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