If this light comes on in your car, it is probably your fault

If this light comes on in the car, well, it is highly likely that it is not the fault of the case. Better stop immediately, because the risk to your safety is not low at all.

The airbag, a truly efficient and essential safety device for the safety of millions – indeed billions – of motorists around the world.

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It is intended to minimize the damage of a road accident and is located inside the steering wheel, dashboard and in the front and rear side doors. All this to better protect the driver and passengers. All the more reason to be careful if its reference light comes on.

Airbag warning light on: why it happens

The airbag warning light can come on, and it is clearly very dangerous if we are traveling on the road in our car. This device signals a malfunction of the safety system and has the typical shape of an airbag. The warning light can turn on following a slightly violent accident.

If it stays on, you need to take the car to the mechanic to do a direct check on the vehicle. However, do not forget that it can also come on for various malfunctions such as that related to the seat belt. If you replace the seats, the dashboard and some systems, it can also turn on in these cases. Better to check if they have been mounted correctly, so as to avoid taking risks when driving.

Passenger protection and reset: airbag warning light, what you need to know

And the passengers? Usually, there is not much to fear. In fact, there is the possibility of deactivating and activating the airbags that these people have near them. If you turn them off, the light comes on. So in short, at this juncture there is not much to worry about. With regard to the reset of the sameit can be done autonomously if no collision has been received.

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Airbag warning light (Web source)

Just turn the key in the ignition without starting the car. In this way, the light stays on for a few seconds. Once switched off, the key must be turned to the ‘OFF’ position and the instrument panel will then be switched off. Wait a few more seconds to repeat the action (at least three times). After that, turn the key to the ‘ON’ position.

Once this is done, the reset will be completed and once the engine is started the light will no longer be on. If this procedure does not give the desired results, you will have to reset the control unit. To carry out this action, rely on the booklet of your car. Or, even better, to a professional in the sector.

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