If Whatsapp does not work, can you ask for compensation?

Yesterday, October 25, 2022, the WhatsApp messaging app stopped working. The problem persisted from 9 to 11 in the morning, creating inconvenience for family and work contacts. Whatsapp over time it has become the most used messaging app to stay in touch, to organize business meetings, for everyday life it is a malfunction that can block the daily organization for hours. Can the operation of WhatsApp be subject to compensation?

According to Codacons, yes. In fact, Codacons asked the company that manages WhatsApp, or Meta, to recognize a automatic compensation to all Italian users involved in the disservice. According to Codacons, the importance of WhatsApp in the lives of all its users, now a work tool for millions of Italians, makes it subject to a regulation in case of malfunction. It is not the first time that WhatsApp stops working and when, like last year, the problem lasted up to six hours and also to other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, the damage to those who use these tools for work was even more evident.

According to Codacons, in fact, for those who use the business version of WhatsApp it should always be possible to take legal action, bearing in mind that in order to obtain compensation it is necessary to demonstrate that it has been suffered. To get it then you have to go to court. According to Mauro Vergaridirector of the Studies, Innovation and Sustainability Office of Adiconsumwe need to start a reflection on these services, which, even if free, have an impact on life and the economy of half the world.

Is it possible to claim compensation from WhatsApp?

Anything is possible, but it depends on the case. Indeed the possibility of ask for a refund a WhatsApp should follow an actual inconvenience. After yesterday’s blackout, Tuesday 25 October 2022, WhatsApp Codacons proposed automatic compensation to all users. In truth, WhatsApp is a free messaging application and is not designed for work, except in the business version.

A speech could therefore be opened for the version designed for offices and work organization. In this case, taking the WhatsApp company (Meta) to court might make sense. In any case, it must be remembered, we need evidence to prove the unease created by the malfunction of the application in economic terms.

Codacons is convinced that this can be done, especially in light of daily use and the importance we reserve for this application compared to the others. The alternative would be to detach from WhatsApp and use other applications, albeit without the possibility of an automatic refund.

The opinion of the experts: should the use of WhatsApp be regulated?

Then there are experts like Mario Vergari, director of the studies, innovation sustainability of Adiconsum, who explains that there is no real contract in the case of WhatsApp, if not the “Terms of Service”. However, these do not say anything about malfunctions and possible refunds. For WhatsApp it is therefore more complicated to obtain a compensation in case of disservicesince there is no sector authority that has regulated the field, recalls Vergari.

Also in this case it is therefore necessary to start a reflection on the services that, albeit free, influence or can do so in the economy of half the world. According to Vergari, starting to think about the possibility of regulating them and considering them also in the light of the protection of the users who use them is necessary. However, this is not a national question, but one that should be taken at the European level.

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