If you do this, you know if the eggs are rotten inside

Eggs that are no longer edible can be very risky to health. In addition to the indicated expiration date, there are other ways to tell if the eggs are rotten

rotten eggs how to figure it out
Eggs (Photo Pixabay)

For some years now there has been a greater widespread sensitivity towards it food waste. Somewhat the economic recession, and some the consequence of numerous information campaigns. To the point that in some European countries there are real laws against food waste. The domestic problem arises when you have supermarket food well past its expiration date. In most cases, an olfactory and gustatory test can be done to see if it is still good. With the egg, for example, it is more complicated. They are closed in shelland this does not allow us to understandintegrity until they have been opened.

It is advisable to always keep the eggs in the refrigerator. One of the biggest misconceptions is that in supermarkets the egg department is placed on shelves and not in the fridge. This is because supermarkets generally maintain a longer temperature all year round low of the apartments. At home, on the other hand, given the temperature variations, it is advisable to always keep the eggs in the fridge, in the high and coldest area.

Eggs, how to tell if they are still edible

rotten eggs how to figure it out
Eggs (Photo Pixabay)

Obviously the first move to do is to check the expiration indicated on the egg carton. By law, the deposition date of the product is also indicated. Usually the expiration is more or less one month after the spawning. It can happen to have abandoned them in the fridge. If perfectly preserved, eggs can be as good as two weeks after the expiration date. Obviously consumed well done. Raw eggs can only be very fresh. In fact, you shouldn’t mess around with eggs. Consuming an egg that is no longer intact puts at risk not only food poisoning but also infection with salmonella or E. coli.

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There are gods methods more or less reliable to understand if an egg can be eaten. The first, even if it seems the secret of the grandmother, is actually scientific evidence. Enter theraw egg with the shell in the water. Self floatsthen it is to be thrown away, if instead goes to the bottom it’s still good. It is not magic. When harmful and toxic substances develop inside the egg, the liquid matter generates gods gas which tend to protrude from the semi-porous skin of the egg. Therefore it will be lighter than the specific gravity of the water and will float.

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Alternatively you can shake the egg and feel if there are any noises: these are the sign of no longer edible eggs. And finally, rely on the primordial senses such assmell. After opening the egg, you can smell it. The rotten raw egg, due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), gives off a bad smell very intense. So it is definitely to be thrown away. These are general guidelines. The best thing is to consume the freshest eggs possible.

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