‘If You Drink, Don’t Marry’ Actress Poses in a Leopard Bikini at 50 and Leaves Fans Jaw Dropping

Heather Graham goes to work in western with the presence of Thomas Jane and Sam Worthington

Actress Heather Graham left her fans and followers on social media jaw-dropping when sharing on Instagram a photo in which she poses in a leopard bikini. Today at age 50, the actress is known mainly for her recent work in the films of the ‘Drink, Don’t Marry’ trilogy, but she also starred in productions like ‘Austin Powers: Agent Bond Cama’ (1999) and ‘Boogie Nights – Pleasure without limits’ (1997).

Actress Heather Graham (Photo: Instagram)

“Meditation in the ocean,” Graham wrote in the photo caption, without revealing the location of the beach on which the photo was taken. Soon after she shared another bikini record, but with another look and focused on her face.

Heather Graham in the scene of Drinking, Don’t Marry (Photo: Reproduction)

“Breaking the internet”, wrote a person in the comment space of the post with the photo of the leopard bikini. “You want to humiliate 20-year-old girls,” joked another. “It deserves an Oscar for that body,” said a third. “Queen!” Exclaimed someone else.

Actress Heather Graham in Austin Powers scene (Photo: Reproduction)

Currently single, Graham is involved in two projects currently in pre-production: One of them is the western ‘The Last Son’, directed by filmmaker Tim Sutton and with the presence of
Thomas Jane and Sam Worthington in the cast. The other is a Chosen Family, who will be starring in it, but had no further information revealed.


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