If you find the coin with the eagle, you become rich: this is how much it can be worth

Would you like to get rich with an apparently normal 2 euro coin? Then read on carefully!

Minting errors are often difficult to find for the less experienced, but in this case even an expert eye could miss the detail that makes the difference.

The 2 euros with a lack of incredible value

The coin in question is a German 2 euro from 2002, which seems to coincide perfectly with a coin minted without errors. In fact, the face value and the borders of the European Union are on the obverse and on the reverseEagle chosen by Germany as the symbol for the currency.

The minting error for this coin is therefore very curious: normally one of the 5 letters identifying the German mints (A, D, F, G, J) is printed on each coin. In this case, however, no letter is reported under the eagle symbol, at the bottom right, as is customary. It is not clear whether they were proof coins or not, but certainly the genesis of this error is still almost a mystery.

Recently a 2 euro of this type was sold at auction for almost 20 thousand euros, that is 10 thousand times its face value. But how is all this possible? Most likely the shortage of coins with this error is creating a very interesting situation for the lucky owners, who can now hope for a high valuation.

However, we must be very careful of coins with very subtle errors of this type: especially if you are a collector, do not buy lightly. Do not blindly trust the images, as they can be easily retouched. Instead, we recommend observing the coin live to be sure of the fundamental lack. Furthermore, contacting a numismatic expert is always a good idea to avoid misleading evaluations.

In a very unexpected way we could therefore find ourselves with a nice treasure, which over time will certainly increase in value: the 2 euro coins with the rare eagle are in fact very desired by collectors also because they identify the German state, a very requested and coveted feature.

So let’s check our purses hoping to be lucky, the minting error is around the corner and can really make our life lighter.

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