If you find these particular cents you are filthy rich: here are what to look for

Also the centsthose that many people, nowadays are used to, disgust, can reach figures since incredible value. Made copper and weight meager, the “red coins” are often the ones that bother us most in our wallet; there are those who keep them how it brings good luck and those who prefer not to have any at all. Well, if you belong to the second category, this is theitem that it might change your mind. In the next few lines, we’ll talk about cents with a a value that far exceeds that of an average salary of our country, in layman’s terms, a real treasure!

1 euro cent

First of all, we must pause for a moment on what are minting errors. Minting errors, the word itself says, are those coins that have suffered defects during the production phase. They can be malformed, with missing detailsor, as in this case, with the two faces of the coin incongruent. The specimen from 1 cent in fact, we are talking about today a big mistake in minting! The first of the two faces is the one we all know, while the second, which should be the one with the representation of Castel del Monteon the other hand, presents the design of the Mole Antonelliana; typical representation that belongs to the coin from TWO centsand not one.

The cents issued with this error they are approx 7,000 and, despite the attempt of the Mint of Rome of withdraw as much as possiblemany are still In circulation and it is estimated that at least 5 specimens are in possession of the Bolaffi, a well-known Italian auction house. When the error was made known, in fact, it was the latter a declare to be in possession a few “wrong” cents and from there, a trial followed which lasted about 11 years where it was established who was the actual owner.

Think that the rarity of these particular cents it is so highwhat a collector in 2013 came to pay for it only one to the crazy figure of € 6,600 right at a Bolaffi auction of the Maggio of that year. If I were you, at this point, I would start to check madly all the cents I have in the house, other than give them away!

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