If you go to sleep at this time you are at risk of heart disease

Prefer day or night? In the morning or in the evening? And you know that, depending on your choice, you have more or less chance of being exposed to heart disease risk?

There is who likes to wake up early because in doing so it succeeds in organize your day in the best possible way because, as they say, the morning has gold in its mouth. There is those who work better staying latemaybe even staying awake all night… But which of them is right? Who is better for your health than him?

Let’s start from the beginning and go in order. According to a new study published by Rutgers University of New Jerseyto be more at risk than the possible development of heart disease are the night owls. The ‘staying late’, in fact, it has a decisive impact on the balance of the human body and its functions.

Practically, night owls have a reduced ability to use and burn the fat needed for energy to be used in their activities due to the changes that the night brings in the body and metabolism. Consequentially, these fats accumulate in the bodyincreasing the risk of developing heart disease and other diseases generally caused by lipid accumulation.

On the other hand, morning people, being more active early in the day, tend to burn more fat to get energy for their daily activities. Details that give them a certainty in the long run advantage over those who prefer to stay late at night. Early risers are more physically active and have fitness levels generally higher than night owlswho tend to be more sedentary during the day.

In conclusion, the chronology of our days has a decisive impact on our metabolism and on the action of hormones, so much so that scholars have foreseen the possibility that it can be used as a predictor of the risk of an individual’s disease.

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