If you have a bank account, never exceed this limit: here’s what

The bank account remains in our country the most popular form of financial instrument that can be used by citizens or professional companies for money management, indeed the number of account holders has expanded in the last decade with the spread of online banks, which often they offer various types of services at very little or no cost. All forms of accounts, prepaid cards, and booklets are appropriately managed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, therefore by the state and share a similar functioning that operates electronically, and like any regulation, there are various types of limits.

If you have a bank account, never exceed this limit: here’s what

Even the account, in fact, while representing a form of “better” instrument than the traditional cash transaction, according to the state must be properly kept “under control”. If the transfers are incentivized because they can be considered safe and efficient, the actual account has some restrictions, albeit relatively difficult to reach.

For example, there is what is already quite known which is inherent in the number of cash that can be withdrawn on a daily basis, determined by the individual bank, while for years there has also been that on a monthly basis, shared by all credit institutions which is 10 thousand euros per month. If this amount is exceeded in terms of money withdrawn, the bank is required by law to “shed light” on these operations, with a view to reducing as much as possible the circulation of cash that is often used to evade the tax authorities or to promote undeclared work.

In fact, the State can “force” the bank to ask the holder for more information that led to these so frequent withdrawals.

If there are no limits in terms of payments to the account, the amount thresholds related to the use of cash are increasingly reduced, which for the whole of 2022 are 2000 euros, but which in all probability will be halved starting from 2023.

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