If you have high cholesterol never eat these foods: LIST

Cholesterol it is a lipid molecule that is produced by all animal organisms but in man, it is mainly produced by the liver and then transported in the blood or in the brain, also used for the production of bile.

Cholesterol in our blood is not free at all, as it is not water-soluble but linked to lipoproteins, which are distinguished in HDL, LDL And VLDLi.e. high density, low density and very low density lipoproteins.

But what is the LDL cholesterol?

The major cardiovascular risk factor is represented by LDL, whose task is to transport cholesterol from the liver to the cells of the body, thus passing through the arteries but if they are oxidized, the proteins could give rise to the atheromatous plaque which is responsible arteriosclerosis, or the pathology that can cause thrombosis.

HDL lipoproteins, on the other hand, act in a completely opposite way, bringing cholesterol molecules back from the arteries to the liver.

The cholesterol it represents a vital molecule for man since it is the basis for the formation of some hormones and vitamin D. Furthermore, we are talking about the precursor of bile acids which also intervenes in the formation and repair of all cell membranes. It follows, therefore, that only too high levels of LDL cholesterol are able to represent a serious alarm signal.

How to realize you have the high cholesterol?

In itself this pathology does not cause any symptoms to the patient, except for those cases of homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia in which it is therefore perceptible from an early age, however there are signals that activate the alarm such as the deposition of cholesterol in the tendons and in the cornea but also the lipid plaques inside the knees and elbows.

However, the causes of high cholesterol can also be food and among the various foods to limit or even avoid completely we find:
-Simple sugars;
– Pasta, rice, refined cereals and bread;
-The coffee;
–Milk and yogurt, especially whole ones;

-All animal fats such as butter, lard and cream;
-The entrails of animals such as liver, kidneys and brain;
– Fatty cured meats;
– Alcoholic beverages;
–All types of cheeses;
– Dark vegetable oils such as palm oil.

Alas, in this list of foods from avoid we also find the fruit, (not all), but only that which, containing a high percentage of carbohydrates and fructose, contributes significantly to raising the levels of already high cholesterol. It is therefore advisable to be very careful not to take any of these: apples, cherries, pears, grapes, dates and dried figs.

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