If you have the € 1 coin with the owl you are rich: this is its value

Coin collecting has long been considered a form of pastime naive, out of fashion, not for very young people, even if these objects constitute the collectible form par excellence, even if only for a concept linked to diffusion: we all have to use coins and banknotes even in modern contexts, now dominated by the concept of electronic money, and also the ‘euro is no less interesting for collectors, especially “higher” issues such as € 1 and € 2. One of the most famous variants, which has influenced many collectors in its own small way is the variant with the owl.

If you have the € 1 coin with the owl you are rich: this is its value

It is generally a fairly easy coin to find, as the € 1 issue with the owl (which is actually an owl) is the standard one of the Republic of Greece, a country that has been using the community currency since 2002, just like the ‘Italy. Compared to our country, the Hellenic state had greater difficulties in starting the production of the new coins, and it is for this reason that the coins of 2002 with a value of € 1 have a recognizable S present just below the owl.

This animal is part of Greek history and mythology, having been associated with an important deity with strong symbolic power such as Athena.

For years the S, recognizable only on 2002 emissions, was perceived as a distinctive trait or even a sign of rarity, and for this reason it is not so rare to see several perfectly preserved specimens on sale for several hundred euros.

In reality, the S is simply the initial of the word Suomi, that is to say Finland: the Scandinavian country in fact also developed emissions for Greece in 2002, but being the “standard” issue it is not so rare, indeed the nominal value for a coin in excellent condition is still 2 euros.

Definitely more interesting are the coins with the owl of 2015, which although not very rare are still less frequent, and a perfectly preserved specimen can earn up to 15 euros.

€ 1 owl

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