if you have these (check) saving 20% ​​immediately and ban on posting even if you do not pay

The blow of bills brings Italians to their knees, but beware of the meter you have because it could save you a lot.

The counters are not all the same and right from the counter a lot of savings can come to Italians.


We see what is happening and we see the ban on posting electricity and gas which is very important for many families in difficulty.

Prohibition of posting

The meters are not all the same because some allow you to save a lot and this is the case with to check.

But before we see which meter you have let’s see what happens on the hard front of the bills and why even if you don’t pay they will not be able to disconnect your users. The new Meloni government is preparing the energy plan. In addition to brand new energy bonuses and upgrades to existing ones, there is also a moratorium on light and gas disconnections. In short, for 6 months Italian families will be able towhen this new plan comes into force, do not pay the utilities without receiving the posting and this for 6 months.

Counter and posting

This is certainly a huge help for those many Italian families who according to estimates they will not be able to pay the electricity and gas bills. The Italian situation becomes dramatic and it emerges that the State is not interested in the phenomenon of poverty: increasingly widespread and dramatic. But if this moratorium on disconnection of utilities should arrive shortly, it is also important to check which meter you have. In fact, smart meters allow considerable savings by analyzing the type of consumption and time slots. Let’s see how with smart meters you can have that 20% savings which would be so useful to the Italians. With these smart meters you will be able to know which appliances are on and which are consuming the most.

Check if you have a smart meter

These tools are very advanced because they allow the family to understand directly on the smartphone application how much is being consumed and above all which appliances are having the greatest impact. For example, there is NED, the smart meter created by the Italian startup Midori it is very effective in monitoring all the consumption of all household appliances. Knowing everything, it will be possible to save up to 20% according to experts. So not only the right precautions, but also the right meter can allow you to really save a lot. Yet it must not be denied that despite the sacrifices many will not make it and the situation is really hot.

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