If you hold down the open button on your machine for 6 seconds, this happens: even the mechanics do not know this function

Not everyone knows what happens when you press the button for opening the car for several seconds. A very useful feature that you do not expect and that is present in almost all cars.

Our cars are increasingly technological. The days of crank windows and “air to pull” to start the engine cold have passed for several decades. Electronics is now the master. Often it is an advantage but sometimes it backfires. In fact, we know that electronics often fail, and to solve the problem without being an electronic engineer is often an impossible task. Furthermore, those unfamiliar with electronics may find themselves in trouble with different tools of the car.

Immobilizer secret function

Even the basic ones that are now controlled via the on-board computer accessible from the touch screen. But some features are as simple as they are useful, and one of them is the opening button kept pressed. Let’s see the purpose of him.

Well, not all motorists know that holding down the car opening button for a few seconds activates the command to lower the windows. This is a very useful feature if the car is very hot because it is exposed to sunlight for long hours in the summer, for example after a day at work, or when we leave it for half a day at the beach. Getting into the closed car can be a traumatic experience, as temperatures of up to 60 ° C and more can be reached inside the passenger compartment. In the same way, the reverse command can be activated by clicking on the closing button for several seconds. This is convenient because we will not have to close the windows before getting out. Although some burglar alarms do it by default on simple closure.

Some carslike Volkswagen, they activate these two commands even with central locking via key, so you don’t necessarily need the remote control. In this case, the window will only go up or down as long as the key is turned, stopping as soon as we return to the rest position. This is a great way to regulate the opening of the windows from the outside, perhaps when we park the car in the villa of a friend or relative.

The electronics in the car are our friend… but not always

The electronics in the car can be our trusted friend. Allows you to access to various comforts that brighten our travels, long or short, it allows us to monitor different components without making too much effort (think of tire pressure sensors, door open alarms or all the various malfunction warning lights), and with the infoteinment nowadays we are in able to do a thousand things simply by connecting our smartphone to the car via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Some cars even have WiFi, allowing our passengers to navigate comfortably by “scrounging” our connection.

Furthermore, through a simple mini-PC we have talked about here, we will be able to make a complete diagnosis of our car, turning off any false alarm lights or investigating problems reported by them, as well as having telemetry and detailed statistics on operation. of the car directly on our smartphone. The cost? Just about ten euros and easily connects via WiFi or BT to the phone and physically to the door usually placed near the cigarette lighter.

Auto electronics
A recent estimate says that electronics impact 40% of the cost of the car.

However, sometimes electronics can become our enemy because we know well that electronic circuits deteriorate over time, with wear and heat, but also with possible short circuits. And in general, more electronics in a car, and the easier it is for something to fail. And repairs can often be very expensive. In short, a modern car is great while new, but after 6-7 years it could give you nightmares.

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