if you live in these regions you are NOT obliged to pay

One of the most hated taxes ever by Italian taxpayers together with the Auto Stamp is the RAI license fee: if you live in these regions you are not obliged to pay.

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The Rai Fee is a tax that is applied to all owners of a television set, the annual amount of which is equal to 90 euros to be paid in 10 installments with the electricity bill. There are cases in which it is possible to benefit from the RAI fee payment exemption, but not everyone is aware of it. There are some Regions with special status who do not consider the Rai Fee as a national tax and have always fought for the elimination of this tax.

Rai license fee on the electricity bill: what is it?

The Rai license fee in the bill it is a tax that is applied to anyone who has a device equipped with a tuner suitable for receiving the television signal in their home. The current legislation provides for certain cases of exemption from the payment of the Rai Fee.

rai fee
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It is possible at any time of the year to present the application to request exemption total or partial payment of the RAI fee in the bill. It is necessary to belong to certain categories of taxpayers.

RAI fee Exemption: who does not pay it?

To benefit from the exemption from the RAI fee, certain requirements must be met. First of all, it is necessary not to be in possession of a television set, but the exemption is also provided for those who respect certain personal requirements And income.

The following also benefit from the exemption from the payment of the RAI fee categories: military and civilian personnel of NATO forces in Italy, diplomats, consular officers and employees of international organizations.

Those who have completed i 75 years old of age, they do not have cohabitants who have their own income and have an income that does not exceed 8,000 euros. Those who turn their birthdays by January 31st of the year can benefit from the benefit from the beginning of the year, while those who turn their birthdays from February 1st to July 31st can benefit from the exemption starting from the second semester. Current legislation provides for the possibility of benefiting from the Rai fee exemption for second homes.

RAI fee: Regions fighting for the elimination of the tax

They have always been there Regions with Special Statute who do not see the RAI fee as a national tax. We are talking about these Regions: Trentino Alto Adige, Valle d’Aosta, Sardinia, Sicily, Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Autonomous Provinces of Bolzano and Trento.

Corecom Veneto proposed the possibility of introducing the regional RAI fee. Corecom Lombardia is also aiming at the regionalization of the Canone Rai subscription. To date there is nothing official, but it is a hypothesis under study.

rai fee
fee for regions where not to pay – Nanopress.it

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