If you love “Bridgertons”, you will love this series too! You have to watch it

Like us, are you excited for Season 2 of The Bridgertons? We will have to wait for this Netflix hit, but in the meantime we have something perfect for you! A costume rarity not to be missed!

The 1920s. This is the story of two female friends whose dream is to get a suitable husband. One of them follows the voice of reason, the other is carried away by passion. What will come out of this? The BBC serves up a cute production with an excellent cast. Let’s see the details, shall we?

The Bridgerton family we fell in love and fell in love with its charm, humor and atmosphere. Netflix’s production was based on the literary work of Julia Quinn and kept in the convention of the beloved Jane Austen. It is a contemporary look at the classics of the Regency times. The orchestra’s covers of Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish add to the charm. The same flavors, and even more, can be found in the new BBC series “The pursuit of love”.

This is a 3 episode mini series directed by Emily Mortimer, based on the 1945 novel of the same name by Nancy Mitford. Fantastic narrator, two strong heroines, hunks, modern music, elegant balls, scandals and romances among the high society, that is, everything you need for a good entertainment. However, “The Pursuit of Love” follows a different path than the “Brigertons”, showing the growing power of fascism and the Second World War. The author of the literary prototype was inspired by her sisters fascinated with Adolf Hitler. After Great Britain declared war on Germany, one of the sisters shot herself in the head with a pistol given to her by Hitler himself.

Linda Radlett, in which she plays the role Lily James (“Mamma Mia: Here we go again”, “Cinderella”) and her friend’s cousin Fanny Logan (played by Emily Beecham known from “Cruella” and “The Flower of Happiness”) are looking for their own recipe for love. Young women follow different paths – the first throws herself into madness, the second takes a stable path. This puts their friendship to the test. The entire series is rich in charming speeches, incl. Andrew Scott (“Fleabag”) as Merlin, full of virulent joke who “smells trouble,” and Dominic West as Uncle Matthew. The author of Nancy Mortimer disguises herself as Fanny’s mother, bravely voicing the line: “Don’t waste your money on underwear – there is nothing stupider!”.

In Poland, viewers can watch the series on BBC First, incl. on the CANAL + platform, Cyfrowy Polsat or UPC. It’s available online on Amazon, and don’t let that put you off – the first week (trial) for free!

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