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The autumn and winter months that we will soon be experiencing will be very complicated from an economic point of view, since the electricity and gas bills are rising dramatically.

According to recent studies, in fact, the cost of energy bills has practically doubled compared to the corresponding bills dating back to the previous year.

One of the main problems when it comes to the consumption of electricity and gas is undoubtedly that of heating. Rightly, during the autumn and winter months one of the main problems is the significant decrease in temperatures, with the need for heating for the home environment.

Today we therefore give you a series of practical tips for using the electric stovein such a way as to significantly reduce energy consumption and consequently save on monthly bills to be paid over the next few months.

One of the first tips is to set different power levels, which can be adjusted quickly and easily, in order to adapt to the environment to be heated. So try to set the lowest level, especially with regard to the latest generation stoves that are able to guarantee high performance.

Other useful tips

Apart from the safety rules that must always be observed, another useful tip is to avoid placing the electric stove in the back of sofas, furniture and other obstacles of this nature. In this way, in fact, the flow of hot air would be blocked, which would not be able to effectively heat the room in which we find ourselves and all the other domestic environments.

The most ideal solution, in the use of electric stoves, is to place it as close as possible to the floor, since the hot air rises naturally and thus manages to heat the entire home environment in which we find ourselves. Other than that it is always important try to eliminate any kind of draft present in the home environmentsince they significantly compromise good heating and lead to higher consumption of electricity and gas.

Useful trick in this case, for example, is the positioning the electric stove under the window, thus preventing cold air (which could possibly enter through the window) from circulating inside the room. It is very important to have good fixtures, since, if of good quality, they are able to effectively isolate the home environment.

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In the case of night hours, try to limit their use as much as possible: in this case it will be preferable to use electric blankets, in order to warm up and avoid wasting unnecessary energy to increase the temperature inside rooms that we do not use.

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