If you reach the end of Red Dead Redemption 2, don’t forget to go through this and feel your heartbreak

A small detail that has touched the gaming world over the years

If you have not completed the story of Red Dead Redemption 2, I strongly recommend that you do not continue reading. This article contains spoilers about certain events that occur in the ending and epilogue of the story. The events it deals with lie in the latter, involving two protagonists.

We all know how Rockstar Games’ Western adventure ends. It has a raw and painful ending that is at the pinnacle of the genre it represents. The Dutch Van der Linde Gang eventually split. Its members eventually either died or were scattered around the world. us, Arthur Morgan, we died on the mountainside or in damp caves. It all depends on our final choice.

“Genuine acts of kindness always irritate others.”

The death of Arthur Morgan marked a significant event in history. This is the moment of truth, the time to find out if he finally finds redemption or dies like the outlaw he was throughout his life. Unfortunately for many players, the outcome does not depend on a few decisions, but on a karma system that changes based on every action we take.

Things are complicated. Rockstar Games uses symbols from Native American culture: when our karma is good, the deer appears; when our karma is bad, the coyote appears. While this is just one way to differentiate between them, doing good is not always the right or just path.

morality Red Dead Redemption 2 It’s complicated. So much so that we can see the impact of our actions over time. I’m not talking about something programmed with kinematics, but rather small details that only happen when we perform certain very specific actions.

Donate to Veterans

The event featured in this publication is one of the community’s favorites and occurred at two moments in history five years apart. This is one of the easiest methods to find and perform, but few people remember to return to it after Arthur Morgan’s death.

The story goes like this: If we calmly explore Saint-Denis, we find a woman sitting at a crossroads with a small wooden frame in her hand. As he passed by, he caught our attention and asked if we could give him a minute.

The woman quickly told us she was raising donations to support veterans and their families. Red Dead Redemption 2 The story is set a few years after the Civil War. We can find a battlefield and several abandoned forts east of Braithwaite Manor. If we agreed to donate, Arthur would deposit $20 in the box (if we had it) and the lady made sure she knew our name so it would appear on the plaque on the building.

After Arthur Morgan’s death, Red Dead Redemption 2 Let’s put ourselves in John Marston’s shoes as he shows us the next few years and exacts a revenge in the name of the song that accompanies it: american venom. At this point, it can be hard to remember to donate. If we go back to the same point, we can see Arthur’s name on the memorial plaque.

It’s a small and easily forgotten detail, but one that touches every player who remembers to come back and see where their donations are going.This is just one of the hundreds of details it hides Red Dead Redemption 2. Five years have passed since launch, and many players continue to (re)discover things.

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