If your computer does not have 16 GB RAM, you will not be able to use Microsoft Copilot AI

The laptop market is very broad and diverse, and we can find a large number of computers equipped with 8 GB of RAM, which is enough for daily life and performing various tasks. However, the latest news related to Windows (particularly Copilot) suggests that 8 GB RAM is a thing of the past.

Whether we like it or not, Microsoft is the manufacturer that sets the necessary hardware specifications for its operating system to run correctly. But apart from that, it is also responsible for adding new keys to the keyboard.With the introduction of Windows 95 and the launch a few weeks ago Passenger keythe key will start hitting the market in the coming months, first via laptops.

In fact, some laptop manufacturers attending last week’s CES in Las Vegas showed off most of their devices with this new key. There’s no doubt that Microsoft has shown a lot of interest in Copilot in recent months, an assistant designed to help users perform a variety of tasks that has been integrated into the operating system since the release of the 23H2 update, although it’s not available yet roll out.Available in Europe until Copilot complies with digital markets lawplanned for the first quarter of this year.

Key with copilot icon

All the artificial intelligence we have available today works remotely in the cloud, meaning that process loading occurs outside of the computer. This makes it usable on any computer, regardless of its hardware.But this will continue to be the case in the future, as AI-related tasks will be performed locally, thanks to AMD and Intel NPUs has been developed and is now used in some of the most modern processors on the market.

By using Intel and AMD NPUs to perform artificial intelligence tasks, tasks will be performed faster and more successfully, but the computer must have at least 16 GB of RAM. This is because LLM uses a lot of memory to manage all the information and make it immediately accessible as per the user needs.

With 16 GB of RAM, Widows will be able to use Copilot artificial intelligence locally, cooperating with the cloud and the processor, significantly improving response times when we need its help, both in the operating system itself and using Copilot Pro. The paid version is Office-focused and must be contracted independently via subscription.

Will laptop prices increase?

As we said at the beginning of this article, laptop manufacturers have no choice but to add a Minimum 16 GB RAM, which could lead to price increases. Another issue manufacturers will face is understanding what they do with the previous-generation Intel and AMD computers currently sold, especially those with 8 GB of RAM. What’s clear is that RAM memory makers are celebrating the news.

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