Iga Świątek’s non-sport passion. “Not a day goes by without someone asking her about it”

An inherent attribute of Iga Świątek during the season is not only a tennis racket, but also a book. – There is not a day in the tour without someone approaching Iga and asking “what are you reading” – reveals sports psychologist Daria Abramowicz.

Grzegorz Wojnarowski

Grzegorz Wojnarowski

Iga Świątek

PAP / EPA / Francisco Guasco / In the photo: Iga Świątek

Reading is one of the favorite forms of relaxation for the winner of Roland Garros 2020. On the plane, on the way to the court or even on the court itself, you can often see her with a book in her hand.

– Sometimes I use a reader, but I like to feel the paper, the weight of the book – says Świątek. – I laugh that thanks to traveling the world with all these books, I don’t have to build a gym afterwards.

And some of the items that Iga chooses weigh a lot. For example, the over thousand-page “Gone with the Wind”, which the tennis player indicates as her favorite title in 2021. “The ending is that you have to get your handkerchiefs ready,” he says of Margaret Mitchell’s 1936 classic.

– All the players, players and coaches in the tour appreciated Iga for the fact that she walks around the courts with such a “brick” – the coach Świątek is laughing, Piotr Sierzputowski.

Her managerial staff knows very well about the love of books of the ninth player in the WTA ranking and that is why in May, for her 20th birthday, she gave her 20 books.

– I started reading Little Life with these gifts. However, I heard that it is difficult reading, and I prefer reading that relax me. I hope that I will not be reading these 20 items in 20 years – jokes Iga.

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