Ignazio Moser, the photos of the Salento megaparty for the 30th anniversary

Ignazio Moser knows how to celebrate in style: to blow out 30 candles he organized a group trip with his friend Jeremias, friends and girlfriend (Cecilia Rodriguez) to Nardò, in the heart of Salento in the Masseria Corsaro. The land of Puglia, already beloved by stars such as Helen Mirren and Ron Moss, is increasingly the setting for glamorous events, from Hollywood weddings (like that of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel) to high fashion shows. And now it hosts the megaparty for a birthday nothing short of unforgettable.

The event took place on Thursday 14 July and the influencer documented it on Instagram for its 1.1 million followers. Between fireworks and champagne drinks (strictly with the initials) by the pool, the guests danced, sang and jokes in company. Among the most famous: the former castaway of The island of the famous Matteo Diamante, the former footballer Nicola Ventola and the boxer Daniele Scardina.

The 32-year-old Spanish sweetheart, with whom he now shares a house in Milan, together with four-legged friends Ercolino and Aspirina. Their love story was born in the House of Big Brother Vip in 2017 and from that moment, with ups and downs, they seem inseparable.

The climate is camaraderie and the goliardic atmosphere as shown by the social videos of karaoke, which anticipated dinner and then the traditional cutting of the cake full of candles at the stroke of midnight.

The former cyclist definitely needs to pull the plug because in these days the parents (Francesco Moser and Carla Merz) announced the divorce, but so far he has not released any comment, also because the separation of his parents had taken place in 2019 at 41 years from the wedding And, at the time of the cake, it was Cecilia who sang the traditional song wishes.

The columnist told in the most spied house in Italy that he had 170 lovers and then put his head right with Cecilia and get married – as many hope – to get married. After the injury, he said goodbye to a career on two wheels – in the footsteps of his champion father – to then turn the page and land in the world of entertainment.

The only notable absentee was her sister-in-law Belen who did not attend the birthday but sent very tender wishes via the web.

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