IKEA closes its store in Warsaw. These are the last moments of the facility in Blue City

IKEA will soon close its facility in the Blue City shopping center in Warsaw. This is the last chance to shop there. The decision of the Scandinavian furniture store chain is dictated by changes in the company’s development strategy.

  • IKEA will soon close the smallest store belonging to the chain in Poland, which is located in a shopping center in Warsaw
  • The decision to close the IKEA store in Blue City is the result of the Scandinavian chain opening to new formats
  • According to the assurances, the employees of the closed IKEA store are not to lose their jobs
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There are currently three IKEA stores in the capital of Poland: – in Targówek, in Janki and in the Blue City shopping center. The third of these facilities, opened in October 2018, will be closed in December.

One of the priorities for IKEA in Poland is the Warsaw market. We plan to further develop our business in this region with even greater dynamism. We want to focus on new formats of meeting places with clients that will respond to the changing needs of the residents of the capital and the region

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