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IKEA closes its first store in Poland. It is a branch of the chain in the Blue City shopping center in Warsaw. According to the Swedish company, the decision results from a change in the sales strategy. Customers have until mid-December to make their purchases in the furniture store.

Ikea closes the first store in Poland

IKEA Retail Polska made a surprising decision because soon one of the chain’s branches in Poland will be closed for the first time. It is about the location in the capital of Poland. December 12 this year. The customers of the furniture store will be able to do their shopping for the last time in the Blue City shopping center at Aleje Jerozolimskie in Warsaw. As IKEA announced in a special press release, the decision is influenced by a change in the company’s strategy.

Please be advised that the IKEA store in Blue City Shopping Center is open until 12/12/2021. IKEA Bistro & Cafe in Blue City is closed. You can buy our delicacies in the Swedish Shop until 12/12/2021. The IKEA Order Collection Point is available to customers until 30/11/2021. – we read in the announcement on the website of the Swedish company.

A chain of furniture stores previously reported that the outlet in the mall has been opened as part of the tests that have just ended. Now IKEA intends to look for new ideas and solutions that will better influence the purchasing experience. The press office of the Swedish company announced in a press release that IKEA employees in Blue City Shopping Center will keep their jobs and will be delegated to other institutions in the capital.

The company’s priority is to preserve all jobs. IKEA will make every effort to offer each employee of the store in Blue City the same or similar working conditions in a new position in another IKEA unit in Warsaw. – the company said in a press release.

The store at CH Blue City is the smallest IKEA facility in Poland

IKEA opened its store in the Blue City Shopping Center in 2018. The facility was distinguished above all by its easy accessibility to customers and the fact that was the smallest location of the Swedish company not only in Poland, but also one of the smallest in the world. The company decided to open such a store to check whether people visiting shopping malls are interested in buying furniture in this form. Throughout the period of its activity, IKEA in CH Blue City offered customers the collection of products ordered via the Internet.

One of the priorities for IKEA in Poland is the Warsaw market. We plan to further develop our business in this region with even greater dynamism. We want to focus on new formats of meeting places with clients that will respond to the changing needs of the residents of the capital and the region – said Karol Barcal, Regional Director at IKEA Retail Polska, responsible for the Warsaw market, about the place.

IKEA, apart from a store in the Blue City Shopping Center, has two other stores in the capital. After December 12, 2021, customers will still be able to shop in the store IKEA Janki and IKEA Targówek. Each of these locations offers collection points that are located throughout the city, and all stores in our country offer furniture delivery to the door of our homes.

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