Il Vescovado – “The Equalizer 3”, Atrani will be “covered” by an elevated structure: it will be used by the director to vary the light if necessary / PHOTO

Of Maria Abate

Atrani, on the set of the troupe of “The Equalizer 3”, needed to install a large raised structure with tie rods and ropes through which to mount equipment designed to modulate the light.

The technicians have been working since yesterday to build it and secure it to the roofs of the buildings in Piazza Umberto I. First, of course, load tests were carried out to distribute the weight of the structure, which will also be partially mounted in Via dei Dogi.

It seems, in fact, that the director Antoine Fuqua want to have full control over the lighting of the scene, varying the light as needed.

To avoid inconvenience, the production rented the local b & bs and garages, emptying them, to use them as a logistic base.

The population, catapulted into an almost surreal situation, experiencing first hand the dynamics of a film set, was involved and participates willingly.

According to their abilities, someone was employed to ensure safety, someone else for the removals, still others as a support to the preparation of the set.

Citizens have been instructed: during the month of shooting they will have to be discreet: the traffic police will take care of stopping pedestrians in the moments of taking. In those moments there will be a need for absolute silence, only the actors will have to be heard talking.

Meanwhile there is trepidation for the arrival of the leading actors, Denzel Washington And Dakota Fanning. If the set is not perfect by 10 October, the start of filming could be delayed by a few days.

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