Ilaria Cucchi nominated with Verdi and the Italian Left, there is also Aboubakar Soumahoro-

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Bonelli: “They will be candidates in the single-member constituencies and capilista in the proportional one”

Aboubakar SoumahoroIvorian naturalized Italian trade unionist, e Ilaria Cucchi will be candidates in the elections with the Italian Green-Left alliance. This was announced at a press conference by Angelo Bonelli, co-spokesperson for Europa Verde and the secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni.

Soumahoro «has been defending invisible people for years, voiceless and forgotten like the workers of the agri-food chain and many others of the era of the digital economy ». The leader of the Greens does not hide his emotion and explains: “They are two personalities who will be candidates in the single-member constituencies and will be head of the proportional system”.

«I have dealt with great determination for a college for Cucchi – said Fratoianni – We are proud that they have accepted to lead our lists. For us they represent the possibility to tell not only stories or another idea of ​​Italybut the possibility of building it together ».

Ilaria Cucchi is the sister of Stefano, the 31-year-old Roman surveyor who died on 22 October 2009 while he was in custody after being arrested for drug dealing and possession. Over the years she has fought hard to ensure that justice was done, until the final sentence pronounced by the Supreme Court last April against the carabinieri held responsible for unintentional murder.

«There are people like Ilaria – added Fratoianni – protagonists of a hard and painful but also extremely powerful story, which told the Italians that it is not true that we must accept adverse things and that we cannot change the course of things. Ilaria is an extraordinary woman and I am very proud that these two figures have agreed to lead our lists ».

Aboubakar Soumahoro has been in Italy since he was 19 and is the founder of the International Coalition Sans-Papiers, Migrants and Refugees. After 20 years as a trade unionist of the Agricultural Coordination of the basic trade union union, at the forefront for the protection of the rights of laborers and for the fight against illegal hiring, two years ago launched the League of Laborers.

“In a crazy politics in which the ego rages and in which there are those who are self-candidates for prime minister, imagine if there was a figure like Aboubakar to lead Italy “, Bonelli commented,” in order to put the last ones first and to make social and environmental justice the agenda of a government of change. Today a beautiful page opens ».

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