“I’m 63 but I’m getting younger every year,” she reveals her secret to looking ever younger

Gym Tan is a 63-year-old woman who doesn’t look her age. On TikTok, she shares with her subscribers her secret to appearing so young in her body, but also in her head.

Gym Tan is a woman from California who is known on TikTok since she is followed by nearly 247,000 subscribers on the social network. Gym Tan is 63 years old, however, she doesn’t look her age and looks much younger.

Passionate about fitness, the sixty-year-old recently shared her secret to staying young in body and mind. According to her, she is in better shape now than when she was younger. A jogging enthusiast, she says she runs longer and faster than when she was 20.

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She reveals her secret

But how does she do this? According to Gym Tan, you just need to keep a positive outlook on life by repeating to yourself that the best is yet to come, even when you are over sixty. She also says that we shouldn’t think about our age, which is just a barrier that prevents us from doing things.

“Age is just a number. Just focus on what makes you happy, what makes you feel good. I look younger this year than last year. I am 63 years old but I am getting younger every year”she said.

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Gym Tan also highlights the importance of surrounding yourself with people who appreciate and love you. On TikTok, Gym Tan is there to reassure its subscribers and show them that they should not be afraid of growing old but accept the passage of time, telling themselves that life gets better as the years go by.

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