“I’m dating a blonde bombshell 40 years younger than me – my daughter wasn’t impressed”

When asked about the potential downsides of dating a woman 40 years younger than him, David Simonini quickly replied no.

“How could I have a negative aspect,” he began. “I’m dating Margot Robbie’s twin and on top of that she’s just awesome.

“I’m crazy about Willow and will do everything I can to never let her go.”

Professional blackjack player David, 62, met model and actress Willow Silas, 23, in February of this year.

And last week Willow, from North Carolina in the US, insisted that David was not her “sugar daddy”, despite the fact that he bought her a Mercedes AMG to wish her a happy Thursday.

Now, speaking to the Daily Star, David, whose eldest daughter is 13 years older than his girlfriend, has had his say about the relationship nearly 40 years apart.

Davide Simonini

The two have known each other for three months

Explaining why age is just a number, he said: “Even though I’m 62, I literally act like I’m 30 or younger. I am an active madman who travels the world most weekends playing blackjack tournaments.

“During the week I am a real estate developer and I train three times a week: life is not fast enough for me. I truly live every day as if it were my last ”.

And when asked what attracted him to his 23-year-old girlfriend, David wasn’t shy with her answer.

He said, “As for Willow, who wouldn’t fall in love with her? We had instant chemistry.

“At first it was obviously her stunning looks, but it became so much more.

Davide Simonini

The couple shows their love on a joint Instagram account

“It’s actually more beautiful inside than out. She is incredibly intelligent and talented ”.

Despite finding his soul mate, David said his youngest daughter, 34, “isn’t too happy” while the eldest, 36, “probably accepts that her dad is a little crazy.”

But rebel David added, “I honestly want them to accept Willow, but if they don’t, I just think ‘oh well.’

“I’m not putting my happiness on hold for anyone. Willow breathes excitement inside me. She is so beautiful, sometimes I just look at her ”.

But one person who is happy with the courtship is Willow’s mom, who even believes David is “good” for her daughter.

David continued: “As for his family, I have met many because I recently went to Easter dinner with his family.

Davide Simonini

David had written a song about his new girlfriend, saying it made her cry

“I haven’t met his father yet and that worries me a little, but his mother and I get along very well.

“She actually thinks I’m okay with Willow and she’s been nothing but 110% supportive.

“Two weeks ago I had breakfast with his mother, just the two of us. She gave me good advice at breakfast. She said Willow’s boyfriends in the past haven’t listened to her. “

The couple talked about one day having children together and getting married.

They are currently both parents, with Willow being the mom of a three-year-old.

However, the unlikely lovers currently live more than an hour away, something David is struggling with.

Davide Simonini

David says he will do everything he can to make sure the relationship lasts

She said: “I miss it so much at night that I actually feel a little down. We have become this dynamic when we are together which is a feeling like no other.

“We feed each other and we never stop smiling.”

David, unafraid to show his emotions, added: “When he smiles it’s everything to me. Oh yeah lol, I even wrote a song about her.

“It’s called your smile is everything. I think she had tears in her eyes when I sent it to her. I love to see her smile. I just melt “.

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