“I’m going to be alone forever,” he says-Selena Gomez on her love life


Selena Gomez talks about her love life and says she's going to be on my own forever and ever
Selena Gomez talks about her love life and says she’s going to be on my own forever and ever ” (Photo: Playback)

Even going through this phase alone, the singer has made it clear that he likes to believe that one day you will find your soul mate.

The singer Selena Gomez it is single for two years, ever since I put a order in for her long and complicated relationship with superstar Justin Bieber, who is currently married to Hailey Baldwin. The singer has said that he thinks that it might continue that way for ever.

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The singer said that he still has a lot to figure out, but it’s reported that he believes in love. “Some days I wake up and I’m angry, I’m like, ‘I’ll be alone forever,’” she said during an interview at the Apple of Music, where he analyzed the lyrics of his song, Rare, the title track of his latest full-length studio album.

Even going through this phase alone, and Selena Gomez made it clear that he likes to believe he is going to find your soul mate. “But once those 15 minutes have passed, and I say to myself, ‘I know that there is someone for everyone”.

In the talk, Selena Gomez also spoke about the messages of empowerment, which passes on to his songs, and he said that for the sole purpose of it is to encourage people and make them feel normal.

The singer has also explained about the in the words of the letter that says, “I’m not going to beg and plead for you, I’m not going to let you make me cry.“ According to her, in her old relationships have inspired this piece of music.

“In some relationships, I’ve heard and experienced.. There is a satisfaction in hurting someone else, because you know that they care about. The purpose, of putting someone on the ground, because you want to keep it. It is how to keep such a person on the ground, so that it will never realize it: “Oh, I’m strong enough to actually get out of this situation’,“ said Selena Gomez.

The singer has maintained a relationship for eight years, going back and forth on the side of Justin Bieber. The relationship between the two took place between December 2010 and march 2018. In a time where they were separated in the she was with the rapper, The Weeknd, between January and October in 2017.



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